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From: Sharon.Streeby@heartland-health.com
To: "'Romancing Manhattan Tours'"
Subject: RE: Follow up
September 28th, 2008

Dear Jason,

Thank you so much for your excellent service in planning our Manhattan adventure! Your attention to detail, thoughtfulness and knowledge of NYC made our 25th anniversary trip unforgettable. We were able to see and do so many things that we would not have been able to enjoy thanks to your expertise. We will be recommending Romancing Manhattan Tours to all our friends and relatives!

We hope you enjoy the honey. We are beekeepers, and have eight hives here at our home, and one south of town at our friend’s home. Saturday we harvested the 2008 honey crop. Our bees get pollen and nectar from raspberry, peach, apple, and a multitude of flowering plants and trees on our land. It makes a very light, mild honey.

Again, thank you so much. We enjoyed meeting you.

Regards, Jim and Sharon Streeby


From: "Cindy N."
To: "'Romancing Manhattan Tours'"
Subject: RE: Follow up

Hi Jason,

Thanks for asking. We had a great time. We just got home this afternoon – flight was cancelled last night. But we got to the airport early, found out the situation and grabbed a hotel near the airport, so no problem.

The trip and the tour were terrific. There were many highlights, but the tour itself was great. I hope I’m remembering right, but I think our guide’s name was Jared – sorry if I got that wrong. He was fantastic. Basically talked for 4 hours – full of interesting information, enthusiastic, clearly loved his city and was able to make that infectious to visitors (we liked it already, but more so now). He was flexible – took us all over the place – very knowledgeable. We did do a little walking around, but it was so cold and windy that the car was a refuge. I’d love to come back and do a subway/walking version with a guide … in the summer of course. The driver – again, not completely sure, but I think his name was Rick – was also terrific. Warm, friendly and maneuvered that stretch limo around NY like it was a compact. The two of them worked as a great team.

We loved Erminia, the restaurant you recommended – extremely intimate, great food and great service. We also thought the show was hilarious. You booked us into “November.” On Monday and Tuesday, Murray was at a conference, and I spent the afternoons at the MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum. I hadn’t been, and loved them both. I was a bit visually over-stimulated by the end… “yeah, yeah, another Van Gogh, another Cezanne, etc”. I think 2 days in a row of hours looking at works of art is a lot for a banker type like me. Doing it again, I’d probably pick one, and do something different the second day.

Anyway, all in all a lovely trip, and your tour and recommendations and reservations for dinners and show really had a lot to do with that.

Thanks, and we’ll very likely be in touch again some time.

Cindy N.


From: nathalie
Subject: Question_from_RomancingManhattan_Website
To: Romancing Manhattan Tours

Hello Jason!

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful whirlwind trip for us in the Big Apple!!! The crowds were crazy!!! Anyway, we really enjoyed our tour with 'Dieter' who was so personable! He took us to the Winter Garden (we stopped for a coffee there and to check out the palm trees, marble flooring, plans for ground zero), to Chelsea Market, the United Nations,the Central train station, etc. etc. We went back to the Chelsea Market on Sunday to do some shopping! Our lunch at Sushi Yasuda was delicious! We also really enjoyed Tao and San Domenico! Two totally different dining experiences! The two musicals were really good but I think that next time, we might choose something like Bach's Oratorio which is playing next week at Carnegie Hall and, I saw people coming out of Lincoln Center where Mozart's 'Magic Flute' had been performed. The guy who does the boat tour is really good and certainly passionate about N.Y.!! We ended up going to the 3 p.m. boat tour because of a mix-up with the piers with a cab driver who didn't know where he was going, but anyway, the ticket people didn't care, and we took a detour to a theatre diner where we had a great burger and beer and there were interesting people eating there like old Jewish couples, theatre people, etc. etc. while we waited for the next tour at 3 p.m.

Anyway, we made it to F.A.O. Schwarz (after standing half-way around the block in line, holy smokes!) to finish off our childrens' Christmas lists! As well, we went to St. Patrick's cathedral, Rockefellar Center to see the tree a couple of times, and Ken bought me a nice necklace at Tiffany's (but of course not from the 1st. or 2nd. floor where they sell million dollar necklaces, but on the third floor in "silver fashion jewelry"!!!) We took a lovely horse and carriage ride on Sunday morning before going to Tavern on the Green for a GORGEOUS brunch! I'm so glad that our reservations were for 10:30 and not noon!!! Mind you, the room was totally packed which was great! We had a perfect table in the Crystal Room right by a beautiful Christmas tree, had our picture professionally taken, and the a la carte brunch was amazing!!! It was so sunny and wonderful!!! The only way I can describe the crowds in Manhattan is like when you are getting out of a huge rock concert and you are almost swept away! We had a late dinner on 7th Ave. Thursday night at about 2 a.m. and everything was still going on like, construction, garbage pick-up, dining, etc. etc. you name it! It was unbelievable! Also, when we were landing in New York, the view of Manhattan on such a clear night was exciting, surreal and jewel-like!!!! I'll never forget it! Thanks again Jason and Jana for all your help! You both are so wonderful! We couldn't have done it without you.

Nathalie and Ken nathaliev@shaw.ca


From: "Chris Gabb"
To: "Romancing Manhattan Tours"

Dear Jason,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything. All went as smooth as clock work. The limos both from and to the airport where all to an excellent standard. The private tour of the City was one the most informative and well put together tours we have ever had!

We hope to return to New York next year and I will ensure we use you again for every thing! I have already told a few people about Romancing Manhattan Tours and I shall continue to do so!

Thanks again Chris Gabb

Chris Gabb Gabb8@lycos.co.uk



From: PamAndAdam@aol.com
Subject: New York City Trip
To:"Romancing Manhattan Tours" jason.s@romancingmanhattantours.com

Dear Jason,

I did not want to let too much time to pass before I wrote to tell you how much my grandson, Michael and I enjoyed our trip to The Big Apple! Everything was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

The Casablanca Hotel was the perfect choice, homey and only steps away from Times Square. Having all of the attractions planned out and the tickets in hand saved us valuable time that we could spend doing other things.

We enjoyed everything, but, of course, the four hour tour was the bomb! Rick, the driver, was knowledgeable and kept us out of streets that he knew would be clogged. Debbie, our tour guide, was so knowledgeable about every street we were on! Even I, a teacher, who had lived in New York, learned some new facts. And, lastly, there's no pizza like New York pizza! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Pam Trubish

p.s. You have my permission to post my e-mail address for recommendations pamandadam@aol.com


From: "Norma Baker" BAKERN@wyeth.com
To: "Romancing Manhattan Tours" jason.s@romancingmanhattantours.com
Subject: Romancing Tour - Norma Baker


We had a terrific tour with you guys.

The tours were terrific. Of course I needed another vacation when I got home just to rest up! Seriously, we stayed busy and loved it. My special thanx to Nancy and Jerry on the 4 hour NYC tour. They were incredible and we learned so many fun things about the city. And we enjoyed all the room in the new 22' BMW limo!!!

The events were also terrific....The Radio City tour and show were our favorites. But we loved the museum, the theater, the boat ride, the Top of the Rock, and all that free time shopping, skating, and gawking at the sites!!!!

You did a great job of putting everything together and anytime you need a recommendation just let me know....I've already been bragging about you to everyone who asks about our trip!

Norma Baker


From: DAVIDPORTER06@comcast.net
To:"Romancing Manhattan Tours" jason.s@romancingmanhattantours.com
Subject: Utah folk want to thank you for great trip!!


We want to thank you again for the trip of a lifetime!! I came home and told my mother about our trip. She and I would like to plan a trip with you to New York when the Freedom Tower is complete (or, more importantly, the memorial pools below)--any idea when that will be?
Dave said he chose your company because of the individualized vacation as well as the testimonials from previous clients. If it helps you, I wrote a letter about our experience with your company and I will mail a written copy of it to your office next week.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to share our family’s experience working with Romancing Manhattan Tours. We are from Utah and have done very little traveling. My husband surprised me with a trip to New York that he purchased “from a guy over the internet.” My first instinct was, “I bet you got scammed.”

We did some research on Romancing Manhattan Tours and even called people who had done business with them in the past. Everyone had positive comments. The trip was arranged several months prior, to go see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, among other attractions. Jason kept in contact through the months, giving updates and answering all our questions.

As our luck would have it, our trip landed the same time as the writer/stage hand strike and we would not be able to see Lion King on Broadway! However, Jason planned meals at nice restaurants and offered us a refund on the show tickets. He advised us of museums and other great attractions. The trip that Jason helped us design was so good, we didn’t even miss the musical.

Jason’s knowledge about New York far surpassed our expectations. He is a walking encyclopedia! He shared New York trivia with us that only a New York veteran would know. Other tourists/passer-byers would eavesdrop and were impressed with the information he would share.
Anything we wanted to do, see, or ask, we felt comfortable having Jason help us. Our trip to New York, needless to say, was a trip of a lifetime. We were very satisfied with Romancing Manhattan Tours and the individualized attention we were given. In fact, we are already planning another trip to New York!

David & Tera Porter


Subject: THANK YOU!!
From: "Jablonski, Nancy"
To: "Romancing Manhattan Tours"

Hi Jason,

I must tell you that my sisters and I had a wonderful time!! Starting with the cruise around Manhattan, and then our two days of fantastic touring. It was exceptional!!

Importantly, I want you to know that we had the pleasure of Tour Guide Nancy (do not know last name but she hails from Brooklyn). She was outstanding! Nancy is extremely knowledgeable about NYC in every aspect and her love of the City was evident.
We enjoyed her and we all felt relaxed, comfortable and we had FUN!

We would also like you to be aware of how much we liked and enjoyed our driver, Thiago. He treated us, as we or any customer should be treated, with total professionalism, style, and class. He made us feel very special. And that felt very good!!

Please pass along our appreciation to both Nancy & Thiago.

And last, not certainly not least, Thank you Jason and Romancing Manhattan Tours!!

Best regards, Nancy, Joyce & Gale

Nancy Jablonski nancy.jablonski@xerox.com


From: TeachLit@aol.com
Subject: New York tour
To: "Romancing Manhattan Tours"jason.s@romancingmanhattantours.com


Our tour of N.Y. with Romancing Manhattan was incredible. My family enjoyed it so very much, even those who had visited the city many times before learned several things. Nancy, our guide, was informative and personable. She did an icredible job as a tour guide and is to be commended.

My family also enjoyed our dinner at Da Nico's. The food was excellent and we really enjoyed the raucous atmosphere. Thanks for the suggestion and for making the reservations.

I appreciate your part in making my family's trip to New York memorable.

Judith Sculley TeachLit@aol.com


Subject: RE: Your NYC trip
To: "Romancing Manhattan Tours"

Hi Jason,

Yes….It was a fabulous trip. There are too many good things to say, so just know that you did a great job for us.

Comments for your consideration – and there are not many:

We did go to Mars, would not recommend it – too cheesy and a tired looking place if you want my opinion.

The rest was perfect. Our Guide Daniel and the driver were just super, although our pizza in the limo did not work out, and that could have been done a little differently, Daniel had his own ideas of how to see NY – mostly by foot – but as a parent, I wanted my little daughter to enjoy the limo and not have to run around so much – that was the only disconnect, but not a major deal, his personality and friendliness as well as knowledge about the city were great. We saw a lot and that was just perfect.

It was a great trip, thank you for your outstanding service, and yes, I will be recommending you to many many people.

Be well, and thanks again for your professionalism, thoroughness, follow through, and attentiveness to our family.

Warm regards,
Mechelle Lawrence

Michelle Lawrence mlawrence@missionsjc.com


From: "Gerry Cooper"
To: "'Romancing Manhattan Tours'"
Subject: RE: Your NYC tour

Good Afternoon Jason,

Sorry to be so long in replying, I was out of town. The tour was broken up over the two days nicely (doing the upper east/west side on one day in 4 hours and then mid and lower Manhattan during the 6 hour day). It was nice to have a “break day” in between sightseeing days. Leo (our tour guide) was wonderful, we all thoroughly enjoyed him (so much so that we took both he and his wife to see “wicked” with us on the first night)! It was especially nice to be able to have an ongoing conversation about the sights we were seeing, the kind of personal attention you just don’t get with the generic tours. We stopped at places we wouldn’t have even known to ask to see that were “the real New York”. All the transportation was right on time and the drivers were extremely nice.

Thanks again for the wonderful service you provide. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

The Cooper Clan

Gerry Cooper gcooper@idmail.com


From: "Diana & Michael Lunas"
To: "Romancing Manhattan Tours"
Subject: Thank you so much!


Our trip was fabulous! Really, everything went great....we were able to navigate around the city without a hitch and saw everything....even had our 15 second of fame twice on national television on the Today Show and Regis and Kelly (pictures with Al Roker and Katie Couric too).

Thank you so much for once again coming through for us.....we did everything on our itinerary and more, it went just as we planned and the tickets/ arrangements were handled beautifully.

I really appreciate your professionalism in making the arrangements for our tour of NYC a time to remember.

Will spread the word again to our friends and family in California and when we plan our next visit to the Big Apple....will give you a call.

Happy Holidays, Diana Lunas & Family

Diana Lunas lunasfam@pacific.net



Plaque presented to Romancing Manhattan Tours from the Burnaby Winter Club Hockey Team

Presented to:

Jason Schuman
Romancing Manhattan Tours

Your PASSION & your SPIRIT made a positive impact to our team. In recognition of your KINDNESS & SUPPORT the B.W.C. Bantam Team of 2007-2008 would like to THANK YOU for creating a memorable trip for our team.

Group leader - Jay Campbell jay@scamptransport.com



Romancing Manhattan Tours is used by many Fortune 500 companies and small businesses as well, including:

Bank of America
American Express
20th Century Fox – Devil Wears Prada Sweepsteaks Promotion
Carlson Wagonlit Sterling Travel
Red Bull
Deutsche Bank
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Sun America Mutual Funds
Sun Microsystems
Johnson & Johnson


Subject: RE: Mohammed Zakriya - NYC Tour
From: "Cooper, Michael"
To: "Romancing Manhattan Tours"
Cc: "Zakriya, Mohammed" MZakriya ...snip... Prem" pkumar@in.globaldoc.com

Dear Jason:

On behalf of Zak, I would like to thank you and Nancy very much for the professional private tour services Romancing Manhattan provided this past weekend. Zak’s dream to experience NYC before returning to India was fulfilled and he is very grateful. He returns to Bangalore today with fond memories and lots of pictures to share with friends and family.

Please feel free to use me as a reference if you are ever asked to provide one, Jason. Thank you again.

Best regards,
Mike Cooper
President - GlobalDoc Inc.


Subject: Outstanding Tour -- Ratesic
To:"Romancing Manhattan Tours"


My family thought your tour was outstanding. It truly made my Grandmother's year. Your driver and guide were superb. Thank you so much for the wonderful service.

[name withheld to secure privacy]
Vice President
Mergers & Acquisitions - Global Industries Group
Bank of America Securities LLC

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