About Us

Unlike other NYC tour services and websites that only provide options for which they’re getting paid, Romancing Manhattan Tours is only interested in fulfilling your desires, Think of us as your private assistant, providing you prestigious concierge srevices. You have Manhattan at your fingertips!

We’re experienced at custom-designing your New York City experience right down to knowing:

  • How you can ditch the tourists and discover the “real” New York City places the local and those “in the know” like to visit.
  • Which hotel is perfect for you.
  • Which things are worth the experience and which are not – and discover New York City’s hidden gems.
  • The most entertaining places to take children of various ages and interests.
  • What exactly it is that will make this the absolute best and most exciting vacation you’ve ever had.

Because it has always been a major point of entry for immigrants it’s estimated that as many as one out of four Americans trace their ancestry roots back to New York City. Welcome home.


our mission

To find out what will make our customer’s trip to New York City special. To find out what matters to them most.Then, utilizing our many years of experience and local expertise, to apply our knowledge and provide our customers with a unique and deeply satisfying New York City experience that’s just right for them.


company history

Romancing Manhattan Tours was started 14 years ago by Jason Schuman as a labor of love to the city that has been our home for 4 generations. We’ve always enjoyed sharing the best of New York with our friends and family and now we share it with people from all over the world. Jason was born and raised in New York City, is a 4th-generational New Yorker and has a family history that tells the typical New York immigrant story.

Pardon our pride, but happy customers make our day!

We strive to help each and every customer have the best possible experience in the city we love.


why choose us


  • …we’re obsessed with exceeding your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction. We’re not kidding.
  • …we know you want an assortment of options, flexibility and you want expert guidance.
  • …we understand the information overload you experience in planning your trip to NYC and can sort everything out for you.
  • …we understand the level of trust required here, and we cherish that.
  • …we’re local New Yorker’s and we want you to fall in love with New York as much as we have!
  • …we know you want the most for your money, whether you’re keeping to a budget or going all out.
  • …for 14 years we’ve planned successful & unforgettable New York City vacations & private City tours.
  • …we have hundreds of delighted customers who highly recommend our services, and you can contact them.

    Why choose Romancing Manhattan Tours? Because we’re YOUR New York City experts, and we’re here for YOU.

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