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Because...we're obsessed with exceeding your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction.

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…we’re committed to exceeding your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction. We’re not kidding.

…we know you want an assortment of options, flexibility and you want expert guidance when you visit New York.

…travel to New York can be overwhelming. We understand that and want to make your travel in New York stress-free with professional travel planning by our local experts.

…we understand the level of trust required here, and we cherish that.

…we’re local New Yorker’s and we want you to fall in love with New York as much as we have!

…we know that travel in New York City can be expensive and we want you to get the most for your money, whether you’re keeping to a budget or going all out.

…for 18 years we’ve made planning a trip to New York easy and fun with unforgettable New York City vacations & private City tours.

…we have hundreds of delighted customers who will tell you we know how to travel in New York City, and you can contact them directly.

Why choose Romancing Manhattan Tours? Because we’re YOUR New York trip planner experts and we’re here for YOU.

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Our Custom-Tailored Vacation Packages give you freedom and flexibility. Work hand-in-hand with our local experts

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Our Custom-Tailored Vacation Packages give you freedom and flexibility. Work hand-in-hand with our local experts and concierges to create an NYC travel experience that is right for you.

View our menu of packages, choose one that interests you and let us tailor it to your exact tastes, style and budget. Or… we can start from scratch and build the perfect package for you.

Our Private City Tours show you New York in a way that only our dedicated and highly-trained tour guides can.

A 4-hour private tour is included in most of our Luxury VIP packages. But you do not have to book a package to take a tour! We’ll custom-design the perfect tour for you based on what interests you most. Don’t just see New York, experience it!

We are your one service for an unforgettable New York travel experience. Contact our team and start planning your trip today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

We know planning a trip to New York is overwhelming. There are many things to do in NYC and it's best to let a trained local expert help you.

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Jason, We want to thank you again for the trip of a lifetime!! I came home and told my mother about our trip.

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We want to thank you again for the trip of a lifetime!! I came home and told my mother about our trip. She and I would like to plan a trip with you to New York when the Freedom Tower is complete (or, more importantly, the memorial pools below)--any idea when that will be?
Dave said he chose your company because of the individualized vacation as well as the testimonials from previous clients. If it helps you, I wrote a letter about our experience with your company and I will mail a written copy of it to your office next week.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to share our family’s experience working with Romancing Manhattan Tours. We are from Utah and have done very little traveling. My husband surprised me with a trip to New York that he purchased “from a guy over the internet.” My first instinct was, “I bet you got scammed.”

We did some research on Romancing Manhattan Tours and even called people who had done business with them in the past. Everyone had positive comments. The trip was arranged several months prior, to go see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, among other attractions. Jason kept in contact through the months, giving updates and answering all our questions.

As our luck would have it, our trip landed the same time as the writer/stage hand strike and we would not be able to see Lion King on Broadway! However, Jason planned meals at nice restaurants and offered us a refund on the show tickets. He advised us of museums and other great attractions. The trip that Jason helped us design was so good, we didn’t even miss the musical.

Jason’s knowledge about New York far surpassed our expectations. He is a walking encyclopedia! He shared New York trivia with us that only a New York veteran would know. Other tourists/passer byers would eavesdrop and were impressed with the information he would share.

Anything we wanted to do, see, or ask, we felt comfortable having Jason help us. Our trip to New York, needless to say, was a trip of a lifetime. We were very satisfied with Romancing Manhattan Tours and the individualized attention we were given. In fact, we are already planning another trip to New York!

David & Tera Porter

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